Nestled on the north shore of Lake Ontario lies the vibrant city of Toronto. The fourth largest city in North America, it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with around half its residents born outside Canada.

It is also home to some of the world’s finest beers!



See the city through the eyes of a local!

Get to know more about the famous and not so well known parts of the beautiful city of Toronto, as you answer fun multiple-choice trivia questions and discover quirky facts along the route using our exclusive, GPS-enabled, ad-free Thirst for Facts app.


Price includes four local beer samples!

Incredible partner pubs on the route will be waiting to fill your exclusive 5oz Thirst for Facts glass with a sample of a delicious local beer at each pub stop. Expert bar staff will be on hand to talk local beer and Toronto at four of the best pubs in the city, including: a traditional pub in a historic building, a welcoming subterranean taproom, adjoining pubs on a quirky corner and the oldest tavern in the city!


At your own pace.

Your journey begins in the stunning Great Hall of centrally located Union Station (pictured) and embraces the best sights and pubs this beautiful city has to offer. The tour route is 7km from start to finish, and you have the ability to spread the tour out over as many hours or days as you wish.


Whether alone or with a partner or small group, Thirst for Facts is an alternative to the pressure and structure of organized tours, where you can only spend as much time at a stop as the guide permits.

Yes, Toronto has some well-travelled tourist spots, but we don’t only take you to those. The tour shows you the hidden treasures and quirky corners even locals would be surprised to discover (we were!) as well as pubs where you can mingle with the locals.