Welcome to Thirst for Facts!

As we head into another Canadian winter, we here at Thirst for Facts have our eyes firmly glued to the spring. Why? Is it the blossoming of the new flowers? The longer days? The pollen allergies? Well two out of three ain’t bad! No, the big difference about spring 2021 is that it brings with it the launch of Thirst for Facts’ first city tour, in the beautiful city of Toronto, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The concept has been a year and a half (and counting) in the making and we can’t wait to share the results with you. Combining three of our favourite things; Trivia, Tasting and Tours, our unique walking tour is ideal for anyone and everyone. 

And did we mention local? Everything about this tour is local; the owners, the technology developers, the glassware manufacturers, the pubs and (most importantly) the beer, which is all lovingly made in local craft breweries.

The website is up (obviously, or you wouldn’t be here). The final tweaks are being made to the app, which will be published soon. So the countdown to March 1st is firmly on, to when Thirst for Facts and our five partner pubs in Toronto can welcome you all through their doors!